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The Haunting of Birchwood House

It started small at first: a door left open that I thought was closed, a bath fully drawn when no one was home. Occasionally I would hear footsteps in the house when I was alone, phantom voices speaking while I worked. As the frequency of these occurrences increased, I could only come to one conclusion: Birchwood House is haunted. The spectral residents of the house have made their presence known, but not their identity. During the month of June, I endeavored to capture some evidence of their spectral presence on film. Being possessed — isn’t that an odd choice of phrase? — of only one camera, I was forced to relocate periodically to capture record of most of the activity. Still, by spending an hour or two a night in each post, I was able to gather some evidence in each of the most active parts of the house: the upper hallway, the dining room, and the kitchen.

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Autumn Renewal

It’s in the air. A subtle shift on the wind, a teasing scent that says Summer’s over. The green leaves of July have turned into a riotous inferno of reds and oranges and golds. Even the sky itself seem a little more gilded, bringing a crisp edge to the soft breeze. It’s a time of reflection and renewal, the world preparing for it’s annual sleep, to rise again in beauty come spring. And the weary traveler returns home…

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Monday Matters #3

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. Been a while since I wrote regularly, too. lol Still working on finding the time to do that again. Need to get more organized about things in general, I think. Or get some rest! heh. Haven’t had a real break from things since…December? Anyway, …

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Oct 8

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


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Oct 8

52-Week Challenge: 3-Color Gradient


For starters, I’m just going to go out on a limb and suggest that Facebook is annoying. I applied to join the Facebook group for this challenge awhile back and never got a notice from Facebook when the request was approved. So, I totally missed out on the first week’s prompts. *pouts* I may try and get to them later. But, I haven’t even had time to touch my nails for a month before now. So, I won’t hold my breath. LOL Anyway, the way the challenge works is each week there’s a pattern prompt and a color prompt and you can choose to do one or both or put them together. I’m likely to only get to one manicure a week, per usual. But, I wanted to try something that would make me stretch my skills a bit, since I’m still learning some of the more advanced tricks. This week’s pattern challenge was a three-color gradient. And, since I had a handful of fall colors just sitting around waiting to be tried, it was a good time to go with a fall theme. :-)

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